5 Ways to Save Time Scheduling Group Meetings

5 Ways to Save Time Scheduling Group Meetings

Time is precious. Every day, the hours just fly by, and before you know it, your group meeting has already started (or worse, it never happens). 

This blog post will discuss five ways you can save time when scheduling group meetings. We will also introduce Teamicate – a tool that can help make the process easier and more efficient for everyone involved.

1. Use GroupMe

GroupMe is an app great for groups and teams. It takes people from different phone OS and syncs them up together in one app.  This app is perfect for those who want to save time when scheduling group meetings. With GroupMe, you can create a group chat and have all your team members in one place.

There are options for the admins to create events and for members to rsvp to events.

2. Create a shared Google Calendar

A Google Calendar can be used to schedule group meetings. It is a great way to keep track of events and save time. With a Google Calendar, you can create an event and invite people to it. You can also add details about the event, such as the location, time, and date.

This way, everyone can see events and add them to their calendars.

3. Use the Band App

The Band app helps groups collaborate. The admins can send out documents, plans, and members can access all the information. It also provides chat features, to-do lists, polls, and a community board.

4. Use Scheduling Apps with Polling Features

Many polling tools like Calendly, and Doodle, to set up group meetings. People can share links and manually select times. The polling option allows groups to vote on a time that works best for most. 

But this method still creates a lot of friction. You still have to send out an invitation link, and then each person has to go through their calendar, choose times and dates, and casts their vote on the time and date. This may leave people out, or worse, you may miss opportunities to meet with the group you never suspected. 

5. Use Teamicate

With Auto pick, the Teamicate app can help you find a time that aligns with other group members’ schedules. You set up your event, send out an invite, and Auto pick handles the rest. It erases back and forth communication and gets your group together faster. Auto pick finds a time that works best for most members and may find times you never thought which match otherwise. 

We believe there are many ways to schedule group meetings, and each option may be better suited for a particular group or purpose. But Teamicate takes the extra hassle of scheduling group meetings and gets groups together faster and more easily.

Right now, you can get help to bring Teamicate to everyone by becoming an early adopter. Our team is focused and excited to unite more people through group scheduling. 

Ready to join us?


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