Team scheduling made easy with Teamicate

Team Scheduling Made Easy with Teamicate

Team events can be a lot of fun, but they can also be a lot of work to organize. Keeping track of availability and scheduling a meeting can be daunting! That is where Teamicate comes in.

Our platform makes scheduling easy.  Once your team agrees to meet, you can share a Teamicate link to find a time and make it happen.

Coordinating meeting times will never be the same again!

Scheduling an Event Then Vs. Now

You may recall receiving a mass text or email asking for dates and times. Once you get a few responses, you must go through messages and compare schedules. You are then playing match-maker with your team to find a time that works for everyone. 


Our Auto pick feature allows you to go on auto pilot. It thinks for you, takes information from your calendar and teammates, and finds a time for each player. Now Teamicate is a matchmaker. 

Now teams can find time with one-click scheduling and connect faster.

What if someone doesn’t reply?

We get it.

Sometimes schedules are busy, and someone could overlook an invite. 

Getting people together is our mission, so when an organizer creates an invitation for a get-together or meeting, they can set a timer to expire. 

Once the timer runs out, Teamicate will auto-finalize the best meeting time based on participants’ inputs and calendar availabilities. Then the team will get a calendar invite and reminder. 

Now, you can get together faster and build meaningful connections. 

What if scheduling changes?

If schedules change, no problem! Send out a new invite, and Auto pick can do the rest. 

We know plans can alter at a moment’s notice. So rest assured your team can adapt to whatever life throws at you with Teamicate. 

Teamicate makes it easy to reschedule, even when life gets busy. 

We call that one click Auto pick. 

Ready to change the way you schedule team events?

Join our mission to make scheduling woes a thing of the past. With your help, we can make the world a more connected place.

Reserve your launch invite now! 


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