Teamicate: The Future of Team Scheduling

Teamicate: The Future of Team Scheduling

Imagine a world where team members could schedule events, whether in the office or out on the road. That world is here, with Teamicate! Discover how Teamicate can help your team work smarter, regardless of their location. Whether you are a rec sports team, a project team at your workplace, or a group of graduate students; we’ll show you how Teamicate lets you select a time range and puts your calendars on auto with its Auto pick function.

It’s the most convenient and satisfying way to find time with anyone, anywhere.

How? Scheduling with Teamicate is simple:

  • Set a time range and Auto pick
  • Invite or share the link with your team members.
  • Then each member will select their preferred dates and times (or they can let Auto pick decide!)

It’s that easy! Coordinating schedules is a breeze because everyone gets curated calendar availabilities. So go ahead and say goodbye to those frustrating calendar-coordinating headaches.

No polling. No Back and Forth Emails. Just scheduling one-click scheduling with your team.

Polling scheduling software may be helpful at times, but, it can add friction. If most people decide on a time, then the few that have chosen other times may feel left out. Does it make you tired just thinking about voting on times?

With Teamicate, you choose a time range with the one-click Auto pick. Teamicate does the heavy lifting coordinating times that are best for everyone. If you ever want more control over scheduling, you pick times you prefer and toss out those that don’t.

Teamicate will factor in different time zones. We help take the mental game of scheduling out of the equation.  That way you can focus on what matters most: collaborating with your team.

Made for a Connected World.

Teams are enjoying more freedom and flexibility than ever before. More companies are switching to remote or hybrid work, including giants like Atlassian and Lyft.

Time zones can often be tricky to keep track of, but it’s a thing of the past with our scheduling platform.

Whether your team is in the same city or a different country, Teamicate makes it easy to schedule. Our solution allows for a world more connected. Set your team’s time zone, and we’ll calculate the best time for everyone.

Teamicate has you covered with scheduling automation designed for any team, anywhere.

Friction-free Scheduling

It’s simple. The days of back-and-forth scheduling or polling software are gone. Scheduling has never been more effortless and friction-free. Be a champion for more connected teams across the world when you become an early adopter.

Together we can shape the future of scheduling and connection!


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