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The Thinking Behind Teamicate: Why Our Auto pick Feature is a Game Changer

There are many scheduling tools, and all aim to make scheduling meeting times easier. But these tools do not address the challenges of scheduling group meetings. Teamicate helps teams find a time faster and easier with Auto pick. This feature allows teams to run their schedules on auto.

Teams around the world want to find ways to manage their time better.

Team events should be a source of connection. But finding a time to meet has become a hassle. Some tools can help members book one-on-one meetings, but not group meetings. 

And so you have someone sending out meeting invites and checking calendars with each member. It’s exhausting. 

Our tool takes scheduling conversations out of the equation so your team can get back to what matters.

Introducing Auto pick.

We understand the hassle of scheduling meetings with a group, and while Teamicate solves this issue with its group scheduling features, we wanted to take it one step further. 

Introducing Auto pick.

When scheduling a meeting with Teamicate, you can set a time range and turn on Auto pick. 

Dinner Party scheduling

Teamicate will look through your calendar and automatically select openings. Then the app will use that information against information from your teammates to find the best times to meet. 

Say you want your team to meet up for a happy hour sometime next week after work.  Open the Teamicate app, then pick a time range like  ‘next week in the evenings’  and turn on Auto pick.

Then you can invite or share the link with your team members and let Auto pick do the rest.

Finally, Teamicate auto-finalizes a time that works for everyone and sends out calendar invites, reminders, and done. Your team is set to meet next Wednesday at 4 pm. 

That’s what we call 1-click scheduling.

We take the friction out of scheduling.

Teamicate is the world’s first friction-free scheduling that is soon to launch. It serves groups and helps them get together faster without back-and-forth communication.

We know what it’s like to navigate schedules and hover over awkward conversations. We take the friction out of scheduling so you can focus on what matters most.

We are changing how groups get together, and Auto pick is just the beginning.

See how you can become an early adopter today. 


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