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Take the “Awkward” Out of Group Scheduling with Auto Pick

We’ve all been there. You make a plan with a group of friends, and someone doesn’t respond. They’re either busy or missed the memo somehow. You aren’t sure if you should call them out in the group message or leave it be. 

It’s just awkward.

This happens all the time, and it’s frustrating. That’s why we created Teamicate – to take the awkwardness out of group scheduling!

When you schedule through Teamicate, the event automatically adds a countdown timer, so if group members don’t respond or are busy, the event can go on. 

The person organizing the event can set the timer to a certain length to give people more or less time to choose. They can also add a custom message to give more context about the event. 

Auto pick to the rescue! ?

Each member will have the option to manually select a time or use Auto pick. This feature allows members to let Teamicate make the selection for them. It looks at your synced calendars in the app and finds an open slot. Then it takes that information and compares it with other members until it has a few open times to choose from. And if someone changes their mind, they can always adjust their response!

We get that schedules are busy, and sometimes meeting together just doesn’t work out every time.  Now group members can relax, knowing it’s not up to them to finalize whose in and whose going to pass this time.

We hate to see groups get caught up in the mess of scheduling because we value face-to-face interaction and relationships. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to make group scheduling as effortless as possible. 

We assure you’ll be awkward-free. 🙂

Happy scheduling!

P.S. If you want to take advantage of Teamicate before it’s officially released, become an early adopter!


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